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VIA Community Services

VIA Community Services is a registered 501c3 that works in the community to information and support to those who need it most.  We focus on the needs of survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Domestic Violence to mentor, support and provide services that are necessary for long-term Violence Intervention and Advocacy.  

Services Include:

Employment and Education Support

Safety Planning


Peer-to-Peer Counseling

Trauma Recovery

If you need our help, or know someone who does.  Reach out.  If you'd like to help VIA Community Services provide necessary services, please click the link below.  All services are confidential.  If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

We're here for you
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Pink Flags

Could you use more confidence in your relationship?  Pink Flags shows you the difference between a Pink Flag and a Red Flag.  We break it down for you and we can teach you how to identify the behaviors that keep you from having the relationship you deserve.  

You can watch our blog posts and videos at Pink Flags for Kind Over Matter.  

If you're wondering what a Pink Flag is and how to use them to find the right partner and build a strong, long-lasting relationship.  As always, I would love to talk about issues that you might have regarding your romantic relationships and how they are affected by Pink Flags.  

Having a happier, healthier and more satisfying romantic relationship starts with one click.

Barbara McLean Consulting

Barbara McLean Consulting was founded in 2015 with a desire to assist the nonprofit community in finding funding that aligns with their mission and brings value to their communities.  We work with leadership to determine what funding structures work best for each organization.  Beginning with brainstorming your dreams, we can give your organization fresh perspectives for how to approach all types of fundraising, programming and growth.  

YES, we can find and write grants to grow your nonprofit.

Barbara has planned and orchestrated a variety of fundraising events and since 1999.  She has established an impressive reputation as a grant writer.  Among the more notable grants Ms. McLean has prepared have been; Title I grants from the U.S. Department of Education, those funds were used to provide elementary school children with learning essentials in a demographic with high levels of poverty and limited resources.  Grant funding was also acquired from private grant funders to help an organization provide immigrant survivors of domestic violence legal and social service support.  Working through state and local channels, Barbara helped to acquire operating expenses and construction costs to remodel an abandoned property with the intention of creating a women’s museum and drop-in center in a highly populated area of New York City.

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When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.
— Viktor E. Frankl

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